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RSA Security Token - Explanation and ordering instructions

An RSA Security Token is a piece of hardware issued by us, in addition to your password.

The token displays a six-digit code that changes every minute. The bars on the left-hand side of the display countdown to indicate when the code is about to change.

Once an RSA Security Token is enabled for your account, you will need to enter your RSA Security Passcode every time you log in.

The RSA Security Passcode is a combination of two elements

  • Your four-digit RSA Security PIN followed by
  • The six-digits currently displayed on the window of your RSA Security Token.

Note that the RSA Security PIN is not related to your Stars PIN.

The use of the RSA Security Token enhances account security by providing two-factor authentication, requiring you to have ‘something you know’ (your Stars password and RSA Security PIN) and ‘something you have’ (your RSA Security Token).

This feature is a strong defense against keyloggers and unauthorized people accessing your account.

To order the RSA Security Token through our Rewards Store, from the main lobby screen on a desktop device, select:

  1. Settings
  2. Account Details
  3. RSA Security Token
  4. Order RSA Security Token...

On Android and iOS devices, follow these instructions:

  1. Menu (Android) or More (iOS)
  2. Settings & Tools
  3. Login Security Settings
  4. RSA Security Token
  5. Order RSA


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