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Difference between Stars Account and Stars ID

We refer to your player account with us as a Stars Account. Each player only has one Stars Account with one Stars ID to manage and it can be used for our brands and platforms that are available in your area.

The advantage of having just one Stars Account to manage includes:

  • You will only need to remember one Stars ID and one password to access any of our products and brands available in your region.
  • You will have one wallet and one account balance, so managing your deposit and withdrawal methods - plus any self-imposed limits or restrictions - is much easier.
  • Universal account settings mean if you need to change the address on your account, or for example add a Stars PIN or security token, you will only need to do it once.
  • Accessing our player support functions will be more efficient.

Most of the emails you receive relating to your account come from Stars Account email addresses, so ensure that your email filters are configured to accept messages from the 'starsaccountdomain.


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