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Geolocation issues - Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

The most common reason geolocation fails is due to a lack of location data (such as weak Wi-Fi signal, or using a mobile with location services turned off)

What can I try to resolve this?

  • On a computer, make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on at all times for geolocation to work. You can connect via ethernet cable on a computer, or connected to cellular data on a mobile, but Wi-Fi must be on.
  • If using a mobile, a Wi-Fi connection is ideal, but you also have the option to use your Cellular Data with GPS / Location Services. 
  • Check that your device's privacy settings have location services enabled.
  • Check the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. The more networks close to you the better. If you only see one or two other networks in range, this could be the reason geolocation is failing. In that case, try testing different areas of your home.
  • Try completely uninstalling our software, then reinstall it. If there are any pop-ups asking for permission to access your location, please accept them.
  • Power down your network equipment and restart it.


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