The following is applicable to all Football games, including NFL, NCAA College Football, CFL and Arena Football.

Abandoned or postponed games are void unless rearranged and played in the same NFL weekly schedule (Thursday-Wednesday local stadium time), except for those bets that have already been determined at the time of abandonment or postponement.

If a game venue is changed, bets already placed will stand, providing the home team is still designated as such. If the home and away team for a listed game are reversed, then bets placed based on the original listing will be void.

In 2-Way markets Push rules apply, unless otherwise stated. Bet amounts on straight bets are returned, and in parlays the selection is treated as a non-runner. For example - in Handicap or Totals betting where the index (value) of the market is a whole number, bets are void and will be refunded where the score lands on that number.

All settlements are based on results and statistics provided by the relevant league’s governing body:

We reserve the right to suspend any or all betting on a game at any time without notice. For settlement purposes, the team listed first in the event name is always considered the Home Team. Example: Team A vs Team B - Team A is the Home Team.

Overview of Specific Markets

Live/In-Game Betting

For Live Betting purposes these rules apply unless stated otherwise.

  • Where a Handicap Draw selection (3-Way Handicap market) is offered during live betting, only bets placed on the draw will be finalized as winners when the result lands on the whole number selected.

Prices quoted are for the whole game inclusive of any overtime played unless otherwise stated. As the markets are in-running, we reserve the right to close the market at any time.

  • When scores are displayed in running, every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the score and game time; however, no liability is accepted for incorrect information displayed.
  • Next Score betting includes overtime.

Proposition bets

For season-long proposition bets on the NFL (including custom bets), teams must complete at least the 16-game regular season for bets to stand.

In the event of an abandoned game all bet amounts are returned, unless a result is already determined through the course of play that has taken place.

For player prop markets the player(s) in question must compete in at least one down to have action.

All proposition bets are straight bets only. Overtime counts, unless otherwise stated.

Team Total Offensive Yards - Settlement is based on the net yards for both teams (includes sack yardage lost).

Team/Player Passing Yards – Settlement is based on gross passing yards.

Team/Player Rushing Yards – Settlement is based on the total rushing yards gained (includes negative yardage).

Quarterback props are based on gross passing yards gained.

To convert a 4th down attempt - The ‘Yes’ option is determined by achieving a new set of downs, either by run, pass (this includes if a TD is scored as a result) or automatic 1st down penalty.  Field goals (irrespective of being made or not) do not count as a converted down.

Quarter and half markets

For bets based on the specific quarters or halves, the entire period of play must be played unless the result is already determined. NFL fourth quarter betting includes overtime.

Handicap Betting

Overtime counts for game handicap betting. Overtime does not count for quarter and half-specific markets, except NFL fourth quarter betting. For quarter and half betting, the entire period must be played for bets to stand. In the event of a tie, bets are refunded.

Game betting

Overtime counts, except for Double Chance betting, In the event of a tie following overtime all bets are refunded.

Total points

Overtime counts for all total game/team total and prop points markets. Overtime does not count for total points on quarter and half-specific markets, except NFL fourth quarter betting.

For quarter and half betting, the entire period must be played for bets to stand. In the event of total points being exactly the nominated line, all bets are refunded unless a price for the exact amount is quoted.

First offensive play yard line

The result is determined by where the first offensive play from scrimmage takes place. In the event of the kick-off being returned for a touchdown bets stand for the following kick off.

In the event of a turnover the result is determined on where the first offensive play takes place from, with respect to the receiving team’s yard line.

First turnover and first team to commit a turnover

For results purposes, only an interception or a fumble counts. A punt or 'turnover on downs' does not qualify as a turnover for settlement purposes.

In the event of an abandoned game bets are returned, unless a turnover has already taken place.

First offensive play

In the event of a false start penalty on the first offensive play, bets stand for the next offensive play that takes place without a false start penalty.

First team/last team to score

In the event of an abandoned game, bets stand on scores that have taken place already. Overtime counts for these markets.

First/Last/Anytime Touchdown scorer

Forecast the name of the first/last/anytime Touchdown scorer in the game, or whether no touchdown will be scored. Only when a player is listed on as 'inactive' for that game are the selections voided. ‘The field’ refers to any player not specifically listed. If no Touchdowns are scored, bet amounts will be lost unless ‘no Touchdown scorer’ is selected.

First penalty

This is finalized on the first accepted penalty in the game.

Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times?

Forecast whether either team will score 3 consecutive unanswered times during the game. A Score excludes any PATs (point after touchdown or 2 point conversions).

Total Game Touchdowns/Field Goals

Predict the total number of Touchdowns/successful field goals in the game. Overtime counts.

Will there be Overtime?

Predict whether or not there will be overtime. If a game is abandoned prior to the end of normal playing time (regulation) bets are void, unless it is the final of the competition in which case all bets stand for the rescheduled game.

Will there be a safety?

Predict whether or not there will be a safety in the game. Overtime counts. A safety will be awarded by the game officials and is the only means whereby a team not in possession can score points. It can occur in a variety of ways but the most common is when an opponent in possession of the ball is tackled in his own end zone.

Super Bowl MVP

Predict which player will be voted the Most Valuable Player in the Super Bowl. For Super Bowl MVP propositions, if there are co-MVPs, any bet related would be paid at full odds. 

Longest/Shortest Touchdown Markets

Shortest Touchdown Scored, Fumble recovered in end zone, under is a winner. If there are no Touchdowns then bets are void.

Longest/Shortest Field Goal Markets

If there are no successful Field Goals, then bets are void.

Winning Margin

Predict the team to win the game and the margin.


All Futures markets include playoffs where applicable.

Super Bowl winner, Conference Outright and Divisional Futures bets stand regardless of the length of the season.

NFL Conference Winner

The team that progresses to the Super Bowl will be deemed the winner of the conference. NFL Divisional winner markets are determined by games won during the Regular Season (where appropriate NFL tie-break rules will apply).

NFL Draft

1st Round Pick - Offense/Defense

Bets will be void where a Team trades their pick. Affects this market only – all other NFL Draft markets are unaffected.

Super Bowl Specials

  • Color of Gatorade poured on winning coach

Market will be settled on the most visible standout color that’s dumped over the Winning Coach from the Gatorade Cooler. All bets will still stand regardless of whether the Gatorade poured hits the coaches body or not. If no Gatorade is dumped over the winning coach, all bets will be void.

  • First Touchdown celebration of the game

Market will be settled on the first clearly visible celebration in the game. If a player combines two of the celebrations listed, the celebration performed first will be deemed the winner. For example: if a player performs a dance following a Touchdown, followed by a team photo gesture, ‘End Zone Dance’ will be deemed the winning selection for this market.

The celebration must follow a Touchdown only to be deemed a winner. Celebrations following sacks, hits, catches and other non-Touchdown action will not be counted in this market.

In the event of no Touchdown, all bets will be void.

  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first

The result will be determined by the first specific listed market name mentioned by the MVP in his speech. This must be clearly heard through live television broadcasts.

In the event of the MVP using a general term (such as 'everyone') when giving thanks, and no one person/people in particular, the market will be deemed void.

In the event of the MVP not thanking anyone, all bets will be void.

  • First offensive play of the game

If the ball is thrown at any time during the first offensive play of the game, 'Throw' will be deemed the winner.